A Letter from Wes Henderson

Wes Henderson
As always during the holiday season, I find myself reflecting back on my family, friends and the good company that we’ve shared. Although this past year has been different than any other I’ve lived through, I know that I am not alone in this. While it’s been, at times, a challenge to gather—often virtually, I’m … Read More

The Hendersons Go to Washington’s Distillery

In 2003, Lincoln Henderson joined a notable collection of Master Distillers for a truly special occasion—the distilling of the first George Washington Straight Rye produced at Mount Vernon in over 200 years. Three years later, the first bottle sold at auction for $100,000—a world record for a bottle of American whiskey. It was donated back to the George Washington Distillery Museum, … Read More

Join Angel’s Envy and Chris Kael’s Barrel-Aged Impale’d Ale for a Night of Bourbon, Beer and Rock

One of the true joys of this business is having the opportunity to travel the country and see the truly inspiring work that other people are doing in distilling and brewing. And every once in a while, we get to collaborate with some of these fine individuals. As it happens, occasionally we have bourbon and port barrels, and sometimes we … Read More

Why Port? Lincoln and Wes Discuss the Pursuit of Flavor and the Perfect Finish

These quotes were pulled from three separate interviews conducted with Lincoln and Wes Henderson over the past three years. Lincoln Henderson was the Master Distiller of ANGEL’S ENVY Bourbon. His son, Wes, is the current Master Brand Ambassador and Chief Innovations Officer. In his 50 years spent working in the spirits industry, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson was driven by one … Read More