The Hendersons Go to Washington’s Distillery

In 2003, Lincoln Henderson joined a notable collection of Master Distillers for a truly special occasion—the distilling of the first George Washington Straight Rye produced at Mount Vernon in over 200 years. Three years later, the first bottle sold at auction for $100,000—a world record for a bottle of American whiskey. It was donated back to the George Washington Distillery Museum, … Read More

Angel’s Envy Newest Role: Cabin Sponsors at Camp Runamok

For the past four years, something strange and wonderful has been happening in the remote hills south of Louisville. Over the course of two weeks, three hundred bartenders from around the world descend upon the pristine wilderness to learn more about bourbon and their craft from industry experts—and exceptional peers. With over 1,000 applicants every year, each of the 300 chosen … Read More

Catching Lightning in a Bottle Kyle Henderson on Angel’s Envy Cask Strength

    We’ve always been proud of our Cask Strength Port Finish Bourbon. Even before Spirit Journal ranked it as the “Best Spirit in the World,” we knew we had something special on our hands. Kyle Henderson, along with his father, Wes, worked closely with Lincoln throughout every step of the spirit’s creation. “We had the idea in our … Read More

Learning the Family Business with Kyle Henderson

At Angel’s Envy, we tend to do things by hand. It’s not an affectation. It’s a practical necessity. For instance, take our barreling process. Kyle Henderson explains, “We own a five horsepower pump. While filling up a barrel, I was judging the fullness of the barrel by sound. The funny thing about barrels is, they get narrower … Read More

A Talk with the Team Behind Angel’s Envy

Based in Louisville, ANGEL’S ENVY Port Finished Bourbon is aged and finished in extremely small batches by a handful of skilled craftsmen. It was the final creation of bourbon legend Lincoln Henderson, and production has continued under the people he trusted most. His son Wes, his grandson Kyle, and longtime colleague and family friend Kevin Curtis are currently guiding … Read More