Daniel Boone National Forest: Where We Toast the Trees

During National Bourbon Heritage Month in September, for every drink or bottle photo you share with the hashtag #ToastTheTrees, we pledge to plant a white oak tree during the following spring planting season. But where have we been planting all of these trees? For the past five years, we’ve been partnering with Arbor Day Foundation, and more recently with  … Read More

In Appreciation: A Brief History of the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky is good horse country. Maybe it’s the calcium rich water and the bluegrass, maybe it’s the hard work and dedication of generations of breeders and trainers. Today, the horses sired across the state’s gently rolling hills have a long history of excellence, but Kentucky wasn’t always horse country, and racing didn’t become big business … Read More

A Look Inside Kelvin Cooperage

Just a short drive from downtown Louisville, Kelvin Cooperage is housed in a sprawling building that’s historically always been home to a cooperage. But Kelvin Cooperage’s origin story is a little more traditionally whisky-based. It began in 1963, when Ed McLaughlin completed his four-year cooperage apprenticeship in Scotland and opened his first cooperage on the banks of the River … Read More

The Origins of the “Proof”

Alcohol by Volume (or ABV) is a percentage. It’s simple and easy to understand. We learned about percentages in grade school. But what is proof, and why are we still using it? The short answer is tradition. The long answer is a little more interesting. In the United States, proof is defined as twice (or double) the percentage of … Read More

Why All the Articles?

Three Generations
  We’re a company of whiskey nerds, and we mean that in the best possible sense of the word. Speaking of nerds, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson was a chemist before he ever set foot in a distillery. He was also an inaugural member of the Bourbon Hall of Fame who traveled the world spreading bourbon knowledge before bourbon came back … Read More

The Story Behind Bourbon’s Traditional Mash Bill

  ANGEL’S ENVY uses a very traditional mash bill: 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malted barley. But just how old is that tradition? While bourbon has a rich and colorful history (some of which is actually true), its gradual evolution has been considerably different than what many people claim today. Bourbon’s mash bill is less rooted in tradition than it is … Read More