Why All the Articles?

Three Generations
  We’re a company of whiskey nerds, and we mean that in the best possible sense of the word. Speaking of nerds, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson was a chemist before he ever set foot in a distillery. He was also an inaugural member of the Bourbon Hall of Fame who traveled the world spreading bourbon knowledge before bourbon came back … Read More

The Hot Toddy

While the hot toddy’s origin is often ascribed to Scotland, the root behind the name is possibly a little more exotic. It may date back to a 1600s Hindi word “tarrie,” which referred to a beverage made of fermented palm sap (the ‘r’ sound was similar to an English ‘d’). It could have also have evolved from the Sanskrit … Read More

Angel’s Envy Beer Pairings: Volume 1

Beer pairing
There are a lot of ways to enjoy whiskey. In fact, we might go so far as to say that there are no wrong ways. We may prefer our whiskey straight, but we’re always up for a nice, well-balanced cocktail. Increasingly though, we’ve been playing around with bourbon and beer pairings. Matching Angel’s Envy with the right … Read More

The Birth of Bottling

In the early stages of Angel’s Envy, we put a lot of thought into the shape of our bottle. We knew that we had an amazing whiskey on our hands, and we wanted to create a bottle that did it justice, and honestly, we were hoping to stand out on the shelf just a little bit. We drew inspiration … Read More

Why 53 Gallons?

There are a lot of legal requirements for a whiskey to be a considered a bourbon. It has to be distilled in the US with a mash bill of at least 51% corn and aged in charred new barrels—all wonderful things. While there’s no restriction on the size of the barrels, most distilleries use 53 gallon barrels. But why is … Read More

Are You an American Whiskey Fan? Thank England

There was a great deal of distilling happening in the early days of the American colonies. This wasn’t always a matter of recreation and crazy colonial partying, but more of a necessity. With impure or tainted water sources more the rule than the exception, ‘Aqua Vitae’ could literally be considered ‘the water of life.’ Sure, you might have a … Read More