Morning Glory Cocktail

Morning Glory cocktail
For as long as there’s been alcohol, there’s probably been someone searching for a morning after remedy. What’s curious is that so many of these curatives usually feature additional alcohol. The Morning Glory Cocktail is a fine example of one of these hair-of-the-dog cures. The recipe first appeared in Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide published in 1887, and it’ … Read More

The Saratoga Cocktail

Angel's Boomerang cocktail
Once upon a time, Saratoga Springs New York was the 19th century’s east coast equivalent of Las Vegas. The wealthy were free to while away their hours gambling, carousing or relaxing with spa treatments. In the golden age of resort towns, Saratoga Springs was one of the first. In the early 1800s, Gideon Putnam decided to build a European-style … Read More