Bourbon Etiquette 101: The Multiple Pour

Wings Glass Pour
The old whiskey pros probably know all about this, but occasionally there’s someone new to bourbon and whiskey, and we’re all for inclusion. So it’s worth explaining the multi-pour. Let’s say you’re at a well-regarded whiskey bar, and it’s the kind of place that doesn’t just have a top shelf selection, they’ve … Read More

Why Charring Barrels Matters

Charring Barrels
Let’s talk char. After all, aging in a charred oak barrel is one of the legal requirements for bourbon. So why do we do it? People have suggested that the inside of barrels were originally burnt to remove the leftover flavors of goods previously stored within, which sounds reasonable enough. There’s also some evidence that the practice goes … Read More

Why All the Articles?

Three Generations
  We’re a company of whiskey nerds, and we mean that in the best possible sense of the word. Speaking of nerds, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson was a chemist before he ever set foot in a distillery. He was also an inaugural member of the Bourbon Hall of Fame who traveled the world spreading bourbon knowledge before bourbon came back … Read More

Too Tiki for Bourbon?

Don the Beachcomber Bar
Our small team has racked up a lot of bar experience over the years. We’ve seen trends come and go. We witnessed vodka’s ascendancy and the great whiskey revival (Hallelujah). Still, one particular trend has always fascinated us, partly because it just keeps coming back. Tiki culture is one of the most peculiarly North American bar trends to … Read More

The Story Behind Bourbon’s Traditional Mash Bill

  ANGEL’S ENVY uses a very traditional mash bill: 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malted barley. But just how old is that tradition? While bourbon has a rich and colorful history (some of which is actually true), its gradual evolution has been considerably different than what many people claim today. Bourbon’s mash bill is less rooted in tradition than it is … Read More

Women, Whiskey and the Law

   We’ve written several articles about bootlegging during prohibition, because frankly, it’s fascinating. Fewer time periods have been more misrepresented in film, television and literature. It wasn’t all shootouts and car chases—it was generally much calmer. It was a doctor prescribing whiskey to a patient, or more often than not, it involved buying booze from a woman. … Read More

Whiskey History: Abraham Lincoln and Whiskey

  Our 16th president had an interesting relationship with America’s native spirit. It’s partially thanks to whiskey that we call him “Honest Abe.” While it’s not known if Lincoln particularly enjoyed whiskey, once remarking that spirits made him feel “flabby and undone,” he certainly approved of them. When he found out that his often-successful General Grant was an … Read More