Join Angel’s Envy and Chris Kael’s Barrel-Aged Impale’d Ale for a Night of Bourbon, Beer and Rock

One of the true joys of this business is having the opportunity to travel the country and see the truly inspiring work that other people are doing in distilling and brewing. And every once in a while, we get to collaborate with some of these fine individuals. As it happens, occasionally we have bourbon and port barrels, and sometimes we … Read More

Angel’s Envy Beer Pairings: Volume 2

Beer pairing
There’s a lot of debate about the best way to enjoy bourbon. Many people insist on neat or on the rocks, while some folks are devoted to cocktails. Since we spend a lot of time with spirits, we’re always open to new approaches and flavors. As malcontents, we respect tradition but we’re always interested in trying something … Read More

Angel’s Envy Beer Pairings: Volume 1

Beer pairing
There are a lot of ways to enjoy whiskey. In fact, we might go so far as to say that there are no wrong ways. We may prefer our whiskey straight, but we’re always up for a nice, well-balanced cocktail. Increasingly though, we’ve been playing around with bourbon and beer pairings. Matching Angel’s Envy with the right … Read More

Bar Trends to Watch for in 2015

    We work with a lot of bartenders and we’re constantly keeping up with what’s going on in the spirit industry. It’s great to see some of the new things professionals are coming up with, as well as some of the older practices they’re rediscovering or reinventing. Here are some fun things to keep an eye … Read More