Bourbon Etiquette 101: The Multiple Pour

Wings Glass Pour
The old whiskey pros probably know all about this, but occasionally there’s someone new to bourbon and whiskey, and we’re all for inclusion. So it’s worth explaining the multi-pour. Let’s say you’re at a well-regarded whiskey bar, and it’s the kind of place that doesn’t just have a top shelf selection, they’ve … Read More

Stacking Flavors with Pairing Flights

We don’t just make whiskey, we’re also pretty big fans of drinking it. When you work with as many bartenders and industry professionals as we do, we usually hear about the latest trends. Some are excellent, others are less so. We’re not here to pass judgment; we just report what we hear. Still, we’ve been hearing … Read More

Bartenders Worth a Damn : Mea Leech

There are many different paths that lead to bartending, but Mea Leech’s story stands out. She graduated with an Accounting degree from Michigan State University. But while attending school, she was also the lead singer of a band that toured extensively and had large major label support. This brought her travels from Michigan to Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver … Read More

Bartenders Worth a Damn : Marie Zahn

Marie began bartending when she moved to Louisville for college. After floating around at a variety of establishments, she found herself focusing more on craft cocktails, beers and above all, bourbon. At one point, she worked at Jockie Silks, which at the time held the largest selection of bourbon in Kentucky. Needless to say, she learned quite a lot about … Read More

Bartenders Worth a Damn : Nick Elliott

Nick Elliott was always interested in restaurants. As a kid, he always thought servers were wildly entertaining. All that changed when a teacher shared her experiences as a server, calling it the worst job she ever had. Shaken, Nick eventually moved to Washington D.C. where he worked at a non-profit organization. But he never stopped dreaming of restaurants. Eventually, … Read More

Bartenders Worth a Damn : Calvin Marty

Calvin Marty believes in the importance of maintaining balance. “I think I’m on an eternal quest for a Zen-like existence. Which of course I will never achieve.” With a BFA in acting from DePaul’s Theatre school, he acts, sings, and has been bartending for over 10 years. We think it’s a pretty good balancing act, really. A loyal … Read More

Bartenders Worth a Damn : Chris Marty

Chris Marty is an owner of Marble, an amazing bar in Chicago’s Logan Square. He’s been an industry lifer since the age of thirteen, and has been behind the stick for fourteen years. He prides himself on making cocktails that both bartenders and patrons can enjoy. He worships at the altar of the Japanese mixing glass but has … Read More