A Look Inside Kelvin Cooperage

Just a short drive from downtown Louisville, Kelvin Cooperage is housed in a sprawling building that’s historically always been home to a cooperage. But Kelvin Cooperage’s origin story is a little more traditionally whisky-based. It began in 1963, when Ed McLaughlin completed his four-year cooperage apprenticeship in Scotland and opened his first cooperage on the banks of the River … Read More

Why We Toast the Trees

Toast the Trees
This is our fourth year partnering with The Arbor Day Foundation for Toast the Trees in honor of September’s National Bourbon Heritage Month. We love our industry, and we believe that it’s of the utmost importance to ensure that it’s a sustainable industry. Our Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson believed deeply in giving back, and we know that … Read More

Barrel Wrangling with Kevin Curtis

    Did you know that a 53-gallon whiskey barrel can hold up to 525 pounds of spirit? That means we want to move them as efficiently (and little) as possible. After all, any movement increases the risk damaging the barrel and leakage, and if there’s one thing we hate, it’s losing good whiskey. A barrel’s weakest spot is … Read More

Whiskey History: The Origin of Barrels

It shouldn’t need to be said, but we love our barrels. If not for oak barrels, we wouldn’t have bourbon. And if we didn’t have port barrels, you wouldn’t have Angel’s Envy. So we tend to take our barrels pretty seriously. After all, they’re responsible for most of the flavors in whiskey. So how … Read More