Why Charring Barrels Matters

Charring Barrels
Let’s talk char. After all, aging in a charred oak barrel is one of the legal requirements for bourbon. So why do we do it? People have suggested that the inside of barrels were originally burnt to remove the leftover flavors of goods previously stored within, which sounds reasonable enough. There’s also some evidence that the practice goes … Read More

Whiskey History: Who Charred the First Barrel?

  Short answer: no one really knows, but there are some very interesting theories about the origins. Well-regarded whiskey historians like Mike Veach and Chuck Cowdery don’t even claim to know for certain, but almost everyone agrees: no matter how it started, it’s been a good thing. The practice has been traced back as far as the fifteenth century, … Read More

Angel’s Envy Newest Role: Cabin Sponsors at Camp Runamok

For the past four years, something strange and wonderful has been happening in the remote hills south of Louisville. Over the course of two weeks, three hundred bartenders from around the world descend upon the pristine wilderness to learn more about bourbon and their craft from industry experts—and exceptional peers. With over 1,000 applicants every year, each of the 300 chosen … Read More

The Birth of Bottling

In the early stages of Angel’s Envy, we put a lot of thought into the shape of our bottle. We knew that we had an amazing whiskey on our hands, and we wanted to create a bottle that did it justice, and honestly, we were hoping to stand out on the shelf just a little bit. We drew inspiration … Read More