Brant Baldanza is the owner of The Shack, The Tavern, Cucina Pazzo and two locations of The Corner Bar & Grill, all located in and around St. Louis, Missouri. He’s also a big fan of Angel’s Envy. “We love Angel’s Envy. We sell a lot of it, and that was even before we got our own Special Blend.” He remembers the first time he tried it. “Sales reps came in and told me that I had to try this new bourbon. This is something that they do all the time, and usually I’m pretty indifferent about what they’re bringing in. I’m a big bourbon fan, and Angel’s Envy stopped me in my tracks. At our restaurants, we usually refer to it as Dangerously Drinkable, and at your price-point, it’s one of the best bourbons on the market.”

Angel’s Envy stopped me in my tracks

So how do you make a “dangerously drinkable” bourbon even more dangerous? Brant decided to mix it into a milkshake. “At our restaurant, The Tavern, we were featuring a cinnamon donut with bourbon whip cream. The bourbon whip cream was so good, we decided to make a shake.” As a bourbon fan, was he worried about upsetting bourbon purists with a milkshake? “No. It’s such an easy bourbon to get into. It’s so smooth. We noticed that a lot of women and men new to the bourbon category were ordering our Angel’s Envy cocktails, so we decide to play around with some less traditionally masculine drinks. Still, it’s definitely a bourbon that can stand alone. I really appreciate its versatility.” We highly recommend stopping by The Shack to appreciate Brant’s creation. Or try making your own at home.

You’re So Metro

1 oz. Angel’s Envy Port Finished Bourbon
2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
2 Cups Ice
Chocolate Chip Topper
Chocolate Syrup Rim
Blend the bourbon, ice cream and ice, then garnish.

The Shack is located at:
13645 Big Bend Road Suite 105,
St. Louis, Missouri 63122