Mae graduated from Columbia Chicago with a degree in film. She spent time in Los Angeles and Rio. She held down a respectable corporate job. But through it all, Mae had a second life: bartending. Eventually, she realized that it wasn’t about making extra money on the side, it was simply the work she preferred above all other types of work. So she quit the corporate gig, moved to Portland and focused on craft cocktails, beers and spirits. “The value of human connection and how it translates in this industry is remarkable,” Mae explains. She’d like to have ‘In vino veritas’ inscribed on her tombstone. In wine there is truth. After all, “You get to know people on a deeper level when you’re watching them get slowly inebriated.” It’s a good thing that she genuinely likes people.

As a professional with a background in film and communication, Mae loves a good story. The first thing that struck her about Angel’s Envy is that she could actually taste the story. “Angel’s Envy has something beautiful, and the finish is delicious.” Currently you can find Mae working in Chicago at either The Barrelhouse Flat or Longman & Eagle. Both are excellent gastropubs known for their craft cocktails, and Mae’s double employment speaks as a testament to her skill.

As a mixologist, her favorite tools are her dazzling Zippo tricks and vast repertoire of dirty jokes. Since bartending is one of the few professions where this is encouraged, she’s chosen wisely. “I am grateful for delicious booze like Angel’s Envy for making me, and bartenders everywhere, appear more and more charming as the night goes on.” When she’s not behind the bar, Mae is an avid reader, traveler, and moviegoer. So if you’re in Chicago and get the chance to meet Mae, tell her a joke, listen to a few, and definitely ask her to suggest an Angel’s Envy cocktail.

Mae Governale