Calvin Marty believes in the importance of maintaining balance. “I think I’m on an eternal quest for a Zen-like existence. Which of course I will never achieve.” With a BFA in acting from DePaul’s Theatre school, he acts, sings, and has been bartending for over 10 years. We think it’s a pretty good balancing act, really. A loyal guy, Calvin tends to stick around in the same establishments for a while. Currently, he co-owns Marble with his brother in Logan Square. “I like that every day is different, and when the day is done, it’s done. The next day could be anything.”

Calvin believes that bartenders ought to entertain their patrons. It’s one of his favorite parts of the job. Though Calvin can mix with the best, he still calls himself a bartender. “I like helping people find new ways to get drunk, but I still believe in the beauty of a good gin and tonic. Sometimes the simplest thing is most pleasing. Sometimes less is more.” That being said, he does love the improvisational nature of his work. “The energy, the challenge of trying anything new, either complicated or simple, doing things as quickly and efficiently as possible—it feels like you can’t ever stop getting better.”

In his spare time, Calvin is a voracious reader. He also enjoys long and aimless walks, and is currently working towards baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie. If you’re out in Chicago, look for Calvin behind the bar at Marble, or catch one of his shows. He’s the singer for a band called ‘Nature Show.’ Just don’t call him a mixologist.

Calvin Marty