Three Generations

We’re a company of whiskey nerds, and we mean that in the best possible sense of the word. Speaking of nerds, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson was a chemist before he ever set foot in a distillery. He was also an inaugural member of the Bourbon Hall of Fame who traveled the world spreading bourbon knowledge before bourbon came back into fashion (which is incredible), so we choose to celebrate nerdiness.

Lincoln used to say, “Good taste is never an accident.” And that might sound like a slick marketing tagline, until you realize that he was talking about the science of flavor down to the molecular level. He actually worked on an international panel that codified and standardized the way that distillers, vintners and brewers talked about flavor around the world. So being a nerd is basically baked into the fabric of the company. Also, if you’ve ever met any of us, you know that we love to talk whiskey.

Kyle and Lincoln Henderson
Kyle and Lincoln Henderson

There are a lot of people who have recently discovered the joys of bourbon and whiskey, which is a wonderful thing. There are also many older fans who seriously know what they’re talking about, and they’ve been the backbone that kept this industry alive throughout the dark days of the 70s and 80s. Additionally, there are also a lot of folks who still believe that bourbon can only be produced in Kentucky. We’re writing for all of these people.

We just love our industry, and we’re always learning new things. We figured that if we shared the stories that we find fascinating, some of our love of spirits might rub off. And if we cover the basics every now and again, maybe that could be of interest to the new whiskey fans. Everyone is welcome at our table. Whiskey lovers are some of the most well-informed individuals that we’ve ever met, and there’s just no room for bullshit when people come together to talk about whiskey.

You might have noticed that we don’t mention ANGEL’S ENVY in every article. We’ve even discussed, in detail, other types of whisk(e)y. We stand by that. We say, try all the whiskeys. Until you understand what the rest of the industry is doing, you might not really appreciate what Lincoln Henderson started with ANGEL’S ENVY. If you just like us for the way we taste, that’s great too. There’s no required reading for being a fan. We just hope you keep enjoying what we do.