Kevin Curtis

For years, Kevin has been a close friend of the Henderson family. He first met Lincoln at Brown Forman. He had graduated with a biology degree and no real idea about what he wanted to do. A friend helped him find a job in Research and Development at Brown Forman, and after a year of being a “lab rat,” he was looking for a change. “It was a total stroke of luck. They hired me as production manager for Woodford Reserve and I got there in time to help them build it from the ground up. It was a perfect storm/opportunity.” From 1996 until 2009, Kevin oversaw the restoration of the facility, distilling, warehousing, processing, bottling and facility maintenance. It was during this time that he worked closely with Lincoln Henderson.

Kevin explains his love of distilling. “The industry has a different pace. It’s not an assembly line, it’s a craft. It’s a natural product and a process of biology. And that really appeals to me. Crafting the yeasts, the physics of the distillery, and the artistry of crafting a physical product. It’s just satisfying.” Working at Woodford Reserve occasionally brought him into contact with the public, which gave him a lot of respect for bourbon fans. “There’s not a lot of industries you can work in where people want to come watch you work. It’s us and professional sports. The level of intelligence and engagement of the public makes the job a lot of fun.”

Now that Kevin has joined Angel’s Envy, he’ll be working get the new distillery up and running as quickly as possible. The brand has also acquired the old Yellowstone Distillery warehouse on 10 acres of land, which will only require minimal restoration. Once everything is up and running, he explains, “My focus will be on production. I like the hands-on day-to-day type stuff. My job is to put quality whiskey in barrels and great whiskey in bottles.” When he’s not busy keeping operations running smoothly, he’s pretty busy with his family and three daughters. A man with little time has few hobbies, but he does enjoy roasting his own coffee beans. Even Kevin’s coffee is hand-crafted. He’s clearly the right man for the job.