Our Whiskey Guardian program has always been our method to personally connect with folks about Angel’s Envy. Each of our (over 50) Whiskey Guardians are exceptional, and highly active in their bar and restaurant communities. We’ve always believed in supporting their passions and helping them focus on respective causes, and we’re proud of each of them. Brooke Toscano (NYC) has been working to foster sustainability within Angel’s Envy since her first day nearly a year ago.

There’s been a lot of buzz in the news about straw bans recently, but Brooke has been working with us to eliminate straws from our events for a while now. She explains, “I definitely think that this is just the beginning. It’s definitely a crucial first step. It starts the conversation, and for a lot of bars and restaurants, it’s an easy first step. The trick is following it with a second, then third step. Being environmentally conscious is so much larger than just straws, but it’s such a nice way of starting the conversation around what we’re doing for our planet.”

Rather than just eliminate straws, Brooke works to make sure they go where they’re needed. “Plastic straws are a necessity for some individuals with disabilities, and that was something that a lot of people didn’t think about when this movement began. But some hospitals and charitable organizations will accept straws if they’re wrapped. Working with these agencies, we can make sure that plastic straws are in the hands of the people who need them.”

When asked what motivates her to work towards these causes, Brooke answers, “I’ve always been environmentally focused. It’s something I care about, and Angel’s Envy has always supported us and given us the opportunity to make the Whiskey Guardian program our own. The hospitality industry is incredibly wasteful. We see it every day. As bartenders, we have the ability to speak to hundreds of people every day, so we have a platform where we can personally reach a very large audience. Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson was always so focused on giving back, and for me, I’d like to work towards helping the planet. I want to see how far we can push things.”