Every year’s Angel’s Envy Cask Release has been different, and we’ve loved them all. Our 2016 release just happens to have a feature not previously seen in any of our older expressions. To put it bluntly; it can be a little cloudy. When people talk about “craft,” we believe that differences like this are exactly why our Cask Strength is so unique.


Production Manager Kyle Henderson explains, “Our Cask Strength whiskey is almost completely unfiltered, or as close as you can get. We use an 80-micron stainless steel screen to remove the large chunks of char, and that’s it. There’s no active charcoal and we never chill filter. We want the product to be as pure from the cask as we can possibly get. Some bottles will have much more sediment and haze than others but that is part of the nature of this wonderful nectar. Had we pulled a sample directly from the barrel and bottled it in store it would look much the same.”

“The cloudiness is coming from particulates created by wooden spirals that were in several of the port barrels we used to finish our bourbon. We left those spirals in during our finishing and that was the cause of the sediment. When we tasted it, we thought that the extra wood exposure gave our whiskey pleasant flavor components that we had yet to taste in any previous Cask releases. The cloudiness is just a byproduct of the barrels this year. Every Cask Strength has been distinctly different in flavor—and now in appearance as well.”