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A Father’s Day Letter from Wes Henderson

Whiskey is our family’s business, and the essence of our work is about agreeing upon the flavors that we truly love and distilling them into the best possible spirits to share with the world. The entire process is both extremely personal, but also a group effort involving our production and sensory analysis teams. Seeing it all come together day after day is a quiet miracle, and it’s a testament to the skill and experience of our crew that our business never quite feels like work.

Taste can be extremely subjective, but it’s a quality that our family develops and shares together. And when I say ‘family,’ I don’t just mean my sons, but also everyone who works at our distillery. Still, it’s Father’s Day, and that always turns my thoughts to my dad and my boys. Whiskey is the unofficial beverage of storytelling, so please indulge me while I get a little sentimental.

There’s something about a particular scent or flavor that can immediately transport you through time. Many folks have fond memories of their grandma’s apple pie, but the scent that always carries me back to childhood is fermentation. Most of my first memories were of visiting my father at his work and smelling the aroma of fermenting grain mingled with distilled spirits. That has always been my personal apple pie. In a way, it’s how I carry my dad’s memory with me, and I’m proud to share that same sensation with my own sons and their children.

My father devoted his professional life to the pursuit of flavor. At one point in his career, he even collaborated with an international team to codify and develop a universal language around the discussion of flavor. This was a conversation that he wanted the world to share in, and I think it truly spoke to his love of the science and exploration of his work. I’m grateful that he passed that passion on to me, and I’m truly lucky to have the opportunity to share it with my children. My son Kyle was fortunate to have the chance to learn alongside his grandfather, and I know my dad would be proud of the excellent job that Kyle is doing now as our Production Manager. He’d be equally proud of my son Andrew, who’s currently working as a Lead Distillery Operator, as well as my other sons Connor and Spencer who are both new to the business, but are genuinely doing credit to their grandfather’s legacy.

Whether they choose to go into the family business or not, I’m proud of all of my boys. But I’ll never stop sharing the flavors, scents and experiences of our distillery with them. These are memories that I cherish, and I hope every father is fortunate enough to pass a deep and personal family history onto his children. Because no matter how many years or miles come between you, the tastes you share always bring you home.

Wes Henderson
Co-founder & Chief Innovations Officer
Angel’s Envy


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