Summer Food and Cocktail Pairings for Winning Grill Season

Bottle at the beach
It’s finally summer and grilling season is fully upon us. We found some amazing recipes and cocktail pairings that will make your summer cookout stand out from every other backyard barbecue. Follow our formula for a delicious meal and you (or your guests) won’t be disappointed. The Starters There’s no reason not to get a little fancy … Read More

This Independence Day, Celebrate with a Truly Independent Spirit

A few people still feel that bourbon isn’t a great hot weather drink. We have no idea what these individual are talking about, but we’re happy to prove them wrong. And there’s no better time than the 4th of July. It’s a day of grilled meat, explosive fireworks and family and friends coming together, so in … Read More

It’s Just Not Summer Without an Angel’s Envy Milkshake

Brant Baldanza is the owner of The Shack, The Tavern, Cucina Pazzo and two locations of The Corner Bar & Grill, all located in and around St. Louis, Missouri. He’s also a big fan of Angel’s Envy. “We love Angel’s Envy. We sell a lot of it, and that was even before we got our own Special … Read More