Inspired Cocktails: A Celebration of Whiskey Guardian Fathers

Angel’s Envy is a whiskey created by fathers and sons. When Wes Henderson convinced his father, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, to come out of retirement for one last chance at creating a masterpiece, they weren’t sure what the future had in store for them. When Wes’ sons Kyle and Andrew joined the company, three generations of Hendersons finally … Read More

Father’s Day Gift Guide: May We Suggest Whiskey?

AE Bottle on adirondack chair
We’re a company made up of fathers. Not all of us, but enough to know what we’re talking about when it comes to Father’s Day. We may grumble and ask you not to make a fuss. We may say things like, “We’re hard to shop for.” And “We don’t need anything. Really.” But let’s … Read More