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Angel’s Envy Distillery
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Louisville, Kentucky 40202
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Frequently Asked Questions


For inquiries regarding our single barrel program, please contact


Unfortunately, we do not currently distribute outside of the United States. As a small, company, we are only currently available in US markets, so we are focusing on our American distribution at the moment. We do plan to distribute internationally in the future, but only when our production can meet the demand. Depending on your country’s laws, there are a variety of retailers who sell Angel’s Envy online.


Due to the United States’ 3-tier system, we cannot sell our spirits directly to consumers. By law, we are required to sell to a distributor, who sells to retailer, who can then sell to the public. Depending on your state’s laws, there are many retailers who offer Angel’s Envy online.


If we’re not in your market yet, we’re working hard to get there.


This is your chance to see how we make Angel’s Envy, and then taste why. Your tour will last approximately 1 hour and will feature a complimentary Angel’s Envy tasting at the end! As a working distillery, we do have some restrictions. What does this mean for your visit?
  • Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your tour time—we can’t accommodate late entries.
  • Because we are a working distillery, closed-toe shoes are required and high-heels are not allowed. We want your experience to be safe and enjoyable.
  • In warm months, the distillery can get hot, so please dress accordingly.
  • No animals are allowed—with the exception of certain service animals. We will do our best to accommodate special needs, but certain areas may be off-limits due to health code regulations.
  • Photography is permitted in most areas. However, flash photography and video/audio recording are not allowed during the tour.Please ask our distillery staff for details.
  • Samsung Galaxy 7 smart phones are not allowed on tour. Please refrain from bringing any fire hazards into our facility.
  • Ask questions and have fun—we can’t wait to see you!

Special Blend

As an extremely small batch company, every barrel of our bourbon is unique and every finished batch is complex and slightly different. We don’t just blend in small batches, we blend in micro-batches of 8 to 12 barrels at a time. Each batch is naturally a little unique as it’s a natural process with its own flavor nuances. In celebration of this difference, we’re working directly with our best customers—bars, restaurants and retailers. Angel’s Envy offers them a blending kit that contains three or our slightly nuanced blends of Angel’s Envy. Then our partners experiment with blending these three expressions until they find the perfect balance for their palette. Each of these three blends would have eventually been Angel’s Envy Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels, but now our partners have a chance to craft their own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The overall flavor profile of a Special Blend is consistent with our flagship spirit, but hand-blending is a fascinating process that brings out the fine nuances of the barrel aging process.


Angel’s Envy Cask Strength is an extremely limited release, allocated product. It is released once each year, usually in November. We sincerely wish we could offer more of this spirit, but we have exceptionally high standards for our Cask Strength. We will never compromise quality for quantity.